Top 6 money transfer startups


Since the big 2008 crisis, it is difficult for a lot of people to trust the banks. That’s why the online market about money transfers is growing year after year. Nowadays, more and more startups are born. You can find below 6 of the best money transfers startups which can help you to send your money abroad.



WorldRemit has been created in 2010 and develop a solution suitable for money transfers towards africans countries and asia. In these countries, the bank solutions are not for the moment very present. Worldremit can transfer the money in 260 different mobile wallets all around the world. Worldremit withdraw 1€ by money transfer you do and you can receive the money by bank transfer or in one of their partner.


Currency Fair is a place in the market where the users have to deposit money on one account before to exchange money when the exchange rate is in their favor. And after, they can send the money to another account. They take a commission of 0,15% in case of matching, if not, 0,4 or 0,5%, adding 3€ of flat fees.


Transferwise had been founded in 2011. With transferwise you can transfer your money from bank account to bank account in 1 click only. 700 millions of euros are sent every month. They are available in more than 50 countries and 125 destinations all around the world. They use the peer to peer system.


Moneytis has been founded in 2014. It helps you to find the best way to send money abroad. Available in 14 000 couples of countries, you have the possibility to save €17 for a €300 money transfer. This comparator is 100% free for the particular and transparent to bring knowledges about hidden fees.


Pay top has been launched in 2012 and offers different online services to help on international money transfers. You can do your money transfer at a reduced price towards 138 countries. You can buy currencies without flat fees and home delivery. You have also a payment card with multicurrencies which allows you to avoid the bank fees when you do an international money transfer.


Azimo has been created in 2012. Azimo allows you to receive the money in cash pick-up, transfer, mobile recharge or wallet mobile in 198 countries and currencies. The Azimo cost is 85% inferior compared to a bank.

To conclude, according to your needs and the countries you target, you can find the best startup which can help you to send your money abroad. Some are specialized in some of countries or continents, others are specialised in method of payment or method transfer… Using a new money transfer service like one of those, you can save more money compared to a bank service. Like, a lot more. Trust me.

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