How to transfer money to a country which does not exist?


When I was a child, most kids wanted to becomes astronaut or rich. I didn’t, I always wanted to transfer money, and particularly to country which doesn’t exist. This is the hardest part, and it has never been executed before, this is why I find it so exciting! Let see why you would need to do this.

Not recognized country

Easy example but you have to know that the UN is not recognizing everything. There is a lot of countries that are not recognized and don’t exist to the eye of many websites based on the ISO country list. For example, the empire of the earth nation, which is localised on some small island in just not there. I don’t really know why, though I like them. If you want to transfer money to one of these countries it should be easy, because the UN will think they are part of another country and the money transfer operator won’t mind.

Country in your imagination

If you want to transfer money overseas to the country of the unicorns, basically, just avoid to do it. In this country you don’t need money, or you are the president anyway, am I wrong? But please, you are going too far, if you recognize yourself here, just go to talk to a psychologist.

Country which doesn’t exist anymore

Yugoslavia or URSS are not easy to transfer to. You can go to your bank, to Western Union or to many money transfer provider, none of them will let you transfer. Most of them actually don’t even know anymore how to address a bank account there, it changed so much…


Countries to come

This depends on regulation which doesn’t exist yet, also a tricky case. You don’t know the currency and the economical system. The best thing to do is to wait a bit longer until you know more about this country, and then, just do everything to get the best exchange rate and to exchange everything fast, simply and cheap.


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