Create a new financial country and send money there


Finance, finance, finance. Everything is about economy when you create a new country. You could think it is a political thing but in the end, the power is among the one who’ve got the money. This is why the new US president is so powerful, he’s got money and political power. I would be afraid if I was living there. So if you ever need to create a country, the first thing to do is… wait for it

Create your own currency

… to create your own currency, right. If you knew it, you get 10 bonus points. How to do it? It’s really easy now, just create a blockchain or use an existing one, copy the open source project of a wallet and white label it to your bank name. Now you are set up and can start sending money between your account

Create your own bank

This part has been covered just on the top part. I should remove it but I don’t know how to do it. Just remember that banks are usually expensive, so you can charge a lot with your user. The best is to hidden fees and smile a lot to your client so that they think you are the good guys. It’s not easy to do, you need to find the good mix, but in the end, it doesn’t matter, even if you crash, the government will pay for you.

Create your tax system

How can you be sure that your citizens will pay what they owe you? Blockchain system is quite useful for this as it allows you to track down everything they did and how they did it for how much

Attract people and money

Let’s focus on the money part, you want people to invest and transfer as much money as possible to your country. And to do this it’s pretty easy, just give them the best exchange rates you can get, and it’s easy if you control the rate of your currency right? Also try to do this for large sum of money as a broker or something like this. Best of luck !